How Quick Do You Bounce Back?


I get a kick out of people who are stuck in life telling me that they are somehow unlucky or "chosen" to be held down in a certain area of their life.

They feel as though they are the ONLY ones that bad things happen to.

Is that true?

Obviously not…challenges and setbacks happen to everyone.

In fact, they happen more to people who are pushing themselves to grow, learn and take action to a higher degree.

Most interesting though is to understand why for many of us setbacks and challenges lead to procrastination, frustration and getting stuck in a rut while for others it seems to fuel them to move ahead even faster?

Challenges, setbacks and bad things will always be there – what you can do though is to change the way you let them impact your life.

Specifically, work on how quickly you can rebound from a challenge or setback occurring.

Have you ever noticed that people who are happy, successful and popular seem to let challenges roll off of their backs?

That's not something we are born with…that can be learned.

In SNAP – The 4 Part System For Getting Unstuck In Your Life we talk about these important things that directly impact how resilient you can become in life and how you can learn to "not sweat the small stuff…and it's all small stuff!"

1. Eyes On The Prize

When you place your focus on a BIG mission or purpose in life, the setbacks and challenges along the way seem much smaller.  Less significance means you can let them roll off of you quicker and move on.

2. Be Prepared With Next Steps

Knowing that small challenges will happen, be prepared to substitute an action and a thought process following a setback that will allow you to immediately jump into "what's next".  This way you are prepared to redirect your focus and bounce back instantly after experiencing a challenge

3. Challenges Are Opportunities

Highly successful people in ANY area of their life see challenges and setbacks as necessary learning queues – we learn very little when things go right, but we learn a LOT when they don't.  So, instead of looking at a setback or challenge as a negative, re-frame your beliefs and instead see them as steps on a ladder, opportunities to quickly receive feedback, learn and take the next step

4. Redirect To Action

The absolute worst way to handle a challenge or setback is to stop moving forward…you are giving in to your fear and your uncertainty as well as giving your mind time to create habits and thought patterns around the negative feelings associated with these setbacks which will stay with you for the rest of your life.  Instead, make sure you force yourself into action following a setback or challenge – ANY action.  Even redirecting to another area of your life.  If you have a setback in your job or business, go to the gym or for a run immediately following it for 1-hour and notice how empowered that makes you feel.

The question I ask you here is how quickly do you bounce back from a setback or challenge?

If you find that you are stuck in a pool of negative thinking and feeling or that you are slower to bounce back from challenges in your life than you would like – work on that skill in your life using the powerful lessons inside SNAP – Get Unstuck In Your Life and watch your life change overnight!


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July 30, 2015

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