How Much Persuasion Is Result of Self-Confidence?


If you had to put a percentage on how much of someone's ability to persuade or convince someone else about your point of view — to do business with you, to adopt your idea, to promote your product, to help you develop your product or sell and market your products — what percentage would you say is due to your internal self confidence?

Operating my own business and having worked at very high levels in both small, innovative companies as well as large, multi-national corporations I have observed many times trust being placed in a person or point of view due to the degree of belief the presentor of the idea had versus the quality of the idea. 

As a result of seeing the profound impact self confidence has on personal achievement, it should be no surprise that we focus on systems to improve self confidence in our latest course 'Beyond Greatness'

Have you ever come across this in your line of work or in your business?

Someone that doesn't have as good an idea as you, or their product is not as high a quality as yours is or they don't know very much about their topic…yet they get the attention mainly because they have a high degree of self confidence which projects onto those they are trying to persuade.

The same thing happens in relationships and dating…if you come across as confident, comfortable in your own skin, then you can get around many other flaws in your character attracting quality people into your life. 

What do you think…is your ability to get what you want heavily dependent on your own self confidence? 

My guess is that about 3/4 or 75% of persuasion is due to your own level of self confidence and how that is projected outward to those around you.  What would you guess is the right percentage?


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