How Meditation Can Boost Your Self-Confidence


I really wanted to post about this topic today as so many people who reach out regarding self-improvement and improving their self-confidence are largely driven by anxiety and fear – the foundation of low self-esteem which can be tremendously helped by meditation.

At first though the link between meditation (usually thought of more in terms of reducing stress or overcoming anxiety) and self confidence can be tough to see.

But it really is linked and here's how…


Why do we lose confidence?

How can we be confident with certain people or situations in our life but then completely fold and withdraw in other circumstances?

Why does this happen anyway?

At its root, low self confidence comes from fear, anxiety, worry and even terror we have built up in our own minds that prevents us from being who we really want to be or acting like we really want to act.

You are scared to speak in front of your peers, that fear leads to low self-confidence in public speaking which leads to differences in your behavior and actions – right?

So, it makes sense that tackling your fear, worries and anxiety will naturally improve your self confidence…and that turns out to be very true.


Meditation can be challenging to accomplish and different people have different criteria (some link it closely to religion, etc…)

I tried to master meditation for nearly 10 years before I simplified and now can enter that state nearly any time I want.

What you really want to accomplish is to achieve a state where you can watch your thoughts float over you (there are different analogies, but this should get the point across) almost as if they were from someone else…so you sit quietly, listening to something (different people relate to better stimulus) –

I can tell you for me it is ocean waves, but anything repetitive will do (Solitudes CD's, a chant, guided meditation with someone's voice, etc…) where you focus on the repetitive sound and let all of your other busy mind thoughts go by around you (as if they were someone else's) and eventually (this may take a few sessions and may take 15 or your 20 minutes to accomplish) they go away and you achieve a truly quiet mind habituated to the repetitive sound while your other "busy" thoughts disappear – even just for 5-10 minutes.

The real benefit here is not only the 5-10 minutes you achieve a totally calm mind, but the technique itself of looking at your conscious thoughts (worries, fears, anxieties, questions, etc…) in a more objective way (as if they were not yours).  Long story short, this allows you to really look at your fears as they are instead of how you have built them up in your head.

Closing the circle, many of the fears, anxieties and worries that drive a lack of self confidence are then managed and you naturally (without really trying) gain confidence in yourself (first) that begins to quickly show in your behavior.


What questions do you have about meditation and boosting your self confidence?  Do you have a tip on improving your confidence, if so post a comment and let us know.

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December 27, 2013

Luis Flores @ 9:12 am #

The confidence is very important in each ones life. If you loose the confidence then you will not reach your aim. For improving the self confidence meditation is a very good way. meditation can heal your mental problems. For that a person can relax his/her mind. which will help to increase the thinking power, thereby increase the confidence.

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