How Do You Know If You Have More Room To Grow?


We all have times in our lives when we accomplish something we are proud of.

It may be getting a good set of marks in a school subject, raising money for a charity, getting our first real job or meeting a person we are proud to be friends or in an intimate relationship with.

Achieving these high points in our lives does not come without work, dedication and some degree of pain (sometimes a lot of pain)

Having achieved these high points we grow as people, our confidence expands and we are given a new sense of self that we leverage into a more fulfilling, happy, productive life.

Your Last Amazing Achievement?

For most of us, these are the reasons that the high points in our lives are few and far between…it may be years between achieving these great things in our lives.

In fact, I have many people around me that only have one or two of those points in their lives and now lament over how stuck they are in life, how they just can't seem to put the energy and pain into making the next great thing in their lives happen.

Many of the challenges we face, along with the techniques for overcoming these challenges are outlined in Attracting Greatness…so that you can live in a new reality where you achieve these high points far more frequently in your life.

It's so easy for us to fall into the trap of being comfortable…of avoiding pain and inconvenience and settling for the status quo.

What we forget though is that by not moving forward, we are moving backward…there is no real status quo, it only seems that way.

So, next time you think about whether you should be taking steps to grow, to move forward, to push beyond your comfort zone and put yourself in a state of uncertainty or even short-term pain in order to work your way toward the next phase in your life – think carefully about how long it has been since you have achieved something special in your life.

Then, ask yourself why that is?

If we are not currently working toward something great in our lives, feeling excited and perhaps somewhat fearful about the journey we are on then we DO have room to grow and that means we should be looking for ways to break out of the comfort zone, revisit our life plan, set new goals and begin the exciting task of creating the next amazing high point in life.

Do you have room to grow?

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