How Do You Get Better At What You Do?


In life we are constantly faced with people that are better at what you do – or at least that is the way you perceive it.

You may be happily married with a great family, but someone you may look up to (or down on as the case may be) has it together just a little better.

Or, you may be among the top players in your sport or in your profession, but there are still 5% of the people that are doing better…so the question becomes, how can I get better at what I do?

Indeed, you could also be in a position where you are in the bottom 5%, life has thrown you some challenges and now you are ready to embark on a program of change to help you get better at what you do.

After having modeled several of the highest achievers in life and developing the blueprint in Attracting Greatness, you can be more convinced than ever that you can make positive change in your life and that you can get better no matter where your starting point, you age or life situation.

Here are 3 tips to get you started on how to get better at what you do:

1. Elevate your expectations & standards: The reality of our lives is that we achieve (almost always) to the expected standard we set for ourselves.  Sure, we may dream bigger, we may want to be bigger, but do we EXPECT to be bigger and better?  That is the more important question — to get better at what you do you must work on your mind to frame a new set of expectations (not just dreams or desires).   While improving your results starts with a dream, altering your expectations is what really helps you get to the next level

2. Consistency. The universe values consistency at an exceptionally high level.  Raise your game for one or two days and then sink back to where you were will not only NOT get you to the next level in your life, it will demonstrate inconsistency which will also lower your credibility making it that much tougher to get better at what you do the next time.  Making small adjustments and commitments that you can put into practice consistently is better than making wild leaps that can not be sustained

3. Work on your self confidence. You do not get better at what you do without having a firm inner belief system that allows you to wander into the forest of the unknown with excitement and confidence rather than dread and uncertainty.  If you want to get better at what you do, then make sure you are ready to break down the barriers that fear and uncertainty will place in front of you.

Anyone can get better at what they do – it is a matter of combining fearlessness with consistency and a new set of expectations, armed with those 3 powerful things, you can really become unstoppable.

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