How Do You Find Passion And Purpose In Your Life?



It's as widespread as a chronic disease and leads to a darkness deeper than a starless night…

What I 'm talking about is not having anything in your life that gets your blood rushing…no passion for anything.

Are you at a point in your life where you have become frustrated watching those around you nail their passion and yet you still are living a passion-less life?

I can relate.

I recall moving through various points of my life (finishing high school, getting my first job, my mid-twenties, moving out on my own, etc…) and seeing others I knew who were extremely passionate about their next stage in life whether that be a relationship, a career in medicine, traveling on a life adventure to South America, charting a career in art or music, etc…

They all had it РPASSION! 

Some Of The Challenges We Face

Later in life I learned many things about passion, why it IS so necessary by why we end up limiting our lives because of it:

  • We build up false thoughts around what passion is and how you reach it to the point where it becomes impossible¬†
  • We guilt ourselves into believing that we can't enjoy or live life until we find this elusive passion
  • We follow other people's passion in error thinking it will satisfy our own need for having passion and purpose in our life
  • We draw a black-and-white image of boredom and uselessness versus passion and purpose when the line is never that black or white
  • We don't understand how to rekindle the passion in our life, where to look for it and how to bring it about once again

What Can You Do To Find Your Missing Passion, Rekindle Your Energy and Enthusiasm for Life?

Early on in my life I learned to change my beliefs around where to find passion in life and how to live a life of purpose and passion to the point where I was forced to choose and focus rather than search for passion in my life.

Here are some of the teachings I was able to apply to my life – and that are included in this amazing program SNAP: Getting Unstuck And Inspired In Your Life – check it out.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Start by simply flipping your beliefs around what it means to be passionate about something. I forget now who I learned this from – but understand that some of the highest achievers and happiest people become passionate about nearly everything – they walk down the street and notice how incredible nature is, they watch people interact and are fascinated by their behavior, they watch a movie and are fascinated by how it is made. I guess what I'm saying is go back to when you were a kid and so many things intrigued you – this is a mix of curiosity and openness (looking at things without judgement) and suddenly you will get the juices flowing on how you look at life and what you get passionate about.

2. Think about who you look up to…who intrigues you. A great site for that is TED Talks – just google it – and make your way through them seeing which topics catch your attention and interest. This will give you a clue as to what you may want to look into and pursue further

3. Make this YOUR search – don't let anyone else influence you or hold you back. Many of us have passions that we have long since put on the back-burner because someone we really respect (teacher, family members, etc…) told us it was stupid, or wouldn't lead anywhere or didn't fit their belief structure.

4. Get out and do things…changing your mindset around #1 should help, it will then become easier to get involved with life. By getting involved you experience more which makes it easier to "fall into" finding your passion.

Turning your life from one of boredom, frustration, and lacking purpose into being Unstuck, passionate, enthusiastic and happy is critical if we want to lead healthy, productive and happy lives Рone of the best programs for helping you get there is SNAP System for Getting Unstuck and Inspired In Your Life.   This system works! Is easy to follow and can be applied easily to your life starting immediately Рcertainly worth checking out.

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August 8, 2015

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