How Do I Set Goals If I Currently Have None?


set-life-goalsOne of the great side-effects of publishing on this blog regularly is that I receive direct contact from some of you and get to hear how the advice, content and stories hit home with some of you and where there are still questions and gaps that you want me to touch on.

This post covers the latter.

What happens if you lack motivation, can't seem to really get that interested in anything and don't have any goals?

For many in this category, you want to have goals and really do want to improve your life and live more on-purpose and be happier right?

The challenge is how do you set or find goals if you haven't any right now?

Tips On How To Set Meaningful Goals

Believe it or not, setting a direction, finding a purpose and planning goals around that direction are not something that just happens naturally for most people.

In fact, the vast majority of people simple "exist" each day, are consumed by "being busy" and frequently fall into patterns of depression, sadness or frustration because they just can't find meaning or purpose in their lives.

In other words, if you are in a place like this in your life – you are NOT the exception but are the rule.

So, how can you go about changing this situation, regain some perspective in your life, become motivated again and set goals that are meaningful?

1. Who Are You Impressed By Or Look Up To?

One of the best ways you can find your way toward having a vision for your life and goals around that vision when you are struggling to find anything of interest today is to think about who impresses you.  Who do you look up to?  If nobody comes to mind then make that your first goal, to go out and find a role model (or dare I say mentor).  A good deal of finding one's own passion, desire and motivation is seeing possibilities and knowing that you reaching these goals are possible – having a role model can help you get there.

2. What Have You Enjoyed And Done Well In The Past

You may have forgotten many years ago but chances are you had passions and strengths back then…think back to what you really enjoyed doing, who you liked being around and what you thought or were told you were good at.   While that exact passion may no longer burn brightly, it's a great place to start and something related will often trigger based on past passions.

3. I Wish I Could Be…I Wish I Was...

What are your thoughts around these two statements?  With these statements you gain insight into what you would like to become.   Now, turn those wishes into clear visions of you having achieved the desired outcome – let that vision emotionally bake into passion for you.   It's tough to get passionate about something you "wished" you could be if you don't really believe you can get there and haven't "felt" what it would be like when you do achieve it.  So go ahead and take your "wishes" to the next stage of "feeling" what life is like when you do achieve your new state.   Whether it is self-confidence, charm, influence, prestige, honesty, a healthier body that you desire, put yourself into a place where you have already achieved this desired state and let your passion rekindle.  Suddenly, you will find you DO have an objective you are passionate about and can set goals to reach that point in your life.

4. Start Small And Build Momentum

Many people avoid setting goals because they believe their goals must be BIG, that unless they have goals to change the world, their goals are not worthy of being set.  Quite the opposite…setting a small goal like eating healthier, going to bed earlier for 7-days, getting 30-minutes of moderate exercise each day, spending 20-minutes trying to meditate, etc… are all very important ways to begin the path forward, escape the rut you find yourself in and begin to build momentum toward larger goals.

Do you have goals that you can share with our readers? It helps for us to see other people's goals so we can strike forward and set our own.

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