Having A Bad Day?


I'm amazed at how many times I hear this each day…"I'm having a bad day". 

Sometimes the cause is as small as one sentence their partner said to them on the way out the door, other times the challenges are much more serious, but in any case – can we turn more of our bad days into good day?

If you really think about it, 99% of your bad days come from allowing others to impact your thoughts or behaviors…not you yourself taking control and deciding to have a bad day – right?

So it stands to reason that you can intervene and not ALLOW those outside forces to impact you in a bad way…no matter what the situation.

I was helping a friend get over an issue where her boyfriend said some nasty things to her on the weekend.  Instead of either letting the comment roll off or confronting him on them letting him know they were not appropriate, she instead let it ruin 3-days (and counting) of her life.  She has been miserable, tough to get along with, receded into the background and is even not feeling physically very well. 

Clearly the comments were not appropriate and objectively (looking for the outside in) they should not have impacted her own thoughts for more than the few minutes it takes to decide how to respond, yet we let it fester and grow into something big.

Next time you think you are having a bad day or feel one coming on, try these tips:

  1. Understand that you are still in control, you hold the keys to your own thoughts and behaviors so it doesn't matter what has happened, it's time to take charge not to back-up and give in
  2. Write out what is bothering you 10-15 times – for most of us, getting that out in writing is a very powerful way to unload and not allow these negative thoughts to impact our emotions further
  3. Decide on a course of action quickly – yes, give it some thought, but don't let it fester.  If someone says something you don't like, then decide right then if you will ignore it (chalk it up to their own limitations) or confront them and tell them how hurtful and inappropriate what they said is
  4. Don't expect perfection – just because things don't go our way doesn't mean we should allow that to ruin days or weeks of our precious lives.  We face challenges every day – if  you experience a setback, know that a better day is just around the corner
  5. Build your self-confidence so that you are stronger to face external challenges – in Attracting Greatness, there are several techniques outlined to strengthen your character, your self belief and self esteem so that you become bulletproof and can easily turn a bad day into a great one

In most cases, having a bad day is our response to something that has happened in our life…we are giving someone else the power to ruin our happiness, make us less productive, jeopardize our friendships and relationships and even impact our health.  Use these tips to help reduce the amount of control outside negative forces have on you and start have Great days instead of bad days.

Leave us a comment…how do you get over a bad day?

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