Have You Found Your Big "Why?"

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Finding Your Purpose

As we enter 2013 and think quietly to ourselves…"how do we make sure things improve for us in 2013 and not stay stuck in the rut like 2012" – there is one MAJOR area of focus we should have that can make a difference in life.

Becoming Purpose Driven!

What is a purpose?

Let's keep this really simple because simple is achievable while complicated almost never is.

Having a purpose in life behind your actions simply means having an emotionally-charged reason (or WHY!) behind your key goals that are driven by daily actions.

Goals, objectives, dreams, thoughts, ideas…these are all great, and necessary parts to accomplishing great things in our lives, but they mean absolutely nothing without a driving purpose behind them.

It's like putting all of the elements of a fire together (wood, air, fuel, etc…) but forgetting to light it with a spark.

Having an emotionally-charged WHY guiding your goals and actions is the spark that lights a fire toward getting unstuck and improving your life forever.

In Attracting Greatness, the story is told of a young man who "had it all", but nearly let it all slip away until he recognized that HE had to be purpose-driven – the results of which are astounding.

So, what are the advantages of being Purpose-Driven?

1. Influence

It is not what you do or who you are that influences others to like you, listen to you, follow you and want to be with you…it is rather what DRIVES you.  In other words, what people will love about you is all about your purpose, what it is you are after in life and why.  If you have had trouble making/keeping friends, getting people to pay attention or listen to you, or influence key stakeholders around you, then consider that your purpose may be lacking and so people are just not finding what attracts them most.

2. Focus

How many times have you thought to yourself…"I am overwhelmed" or "If I could only focus on one thing long enough to finish instead of being scattered all over the place I could make a huge difference"?

The reason we jump from interest to interest, activity to activity, goal to goal without maintaining focus is because we have not yet attached a big enough reason to that goal or activity and so it is fleeting at best.

By attaching a big WHY to our major goals and activities we can immediately instill laser-focus to anything we do and get amazing results from doing so.

3. Beating The Odds

When we try to achieve anything great in life there are challenges…externally and internally.  Internal challenges such as fear, anger, frustration, stress and low self confidence are the main culprits that keep us stuck in life preventing us from consistently improving.

Make no mistake, there are very real and very significant challenges to overcome…the ONLY way we can hope to keep on track to achieve wonderful, happy and exciting things in our life is to attach a major motivating factor (a PURPOSE) to those goals

4. Attraction

Have you ever noticed that when one thing goes wrong, suddenly many things cave in on you at once?  Negativity breeds negativity, bad things seem to build and feed off each other.

Similarly, when things start going right, positive energy feeds more positive energy and you can tip the scales in the other direction.

By focusing on being purpose-driven, once again being driven, beating the things that stand in our way no matter what…an energy is directed our way that helps the snowball grow and before long you will notice that great things just begin to happen.  Standing still (doing nothing) and negative energy both breed more negative energy…only taking purposeful action will lead to the multiplication of positives in your life.

Suddenly relationships will improve, more people will be attracted to you, career and financial options open up, you feel the weight and burdens removed from your shoulders and living life finally seems simpler and more fun – the way it was supposed to be!

As we start the New Year, start right now to become more Purpose Driven.

Set some principle goals, but spend more time on discovering the ultimate emotional WHY that will add the spark needed to get unstuck and really grow your achievement level over the next 60-90 days.

Believe me, once you get the ball rolling, there is no stopping what you can achieve.


What is your plan for the remainder of the year and how are you going to step up to being more purpose driven?  Leaven a comment and let the world know you are ready to break-out of your rut in the next 60-days.  Start the positive energy flowing by leaving your intention against this post.

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