Happy Makes You Rich…


Great interview with Russell Simmons – former street punk turned major record producer involved in the hip hop movement about his new book "Super Rich"

Some interesting points:

  1. Money doesn't make happiness, happiness makes money (as well as spiritual happiness)
  2. Focus on doing your work, following your path, taking action rather than the results…eventually they will come
  3. Be present and be awake – this is terrific advice…just plugging yourself into your surroundings can help you live in the NOW and turn your live around – realize what you have and be gracious
  4. He sees people in the slums who are unhappy and he sees Billionaires that are unhappy — interesting statement
  5. Watch out for the poverty mindset – break out that no matter where you are or come from

Some very powerful messages – watch the video here:

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March 2, 2011

Alexander Darko @ 11:13 pm #

Its really amazing to hear such an encouraging words from this site, Though money is not all what our lives depend on, just a complement, at the same time makes you feel happy, good and presents. Money without wisdom and knowledge takes you nowhere.
But I got to this site because i am still searching out what can makes me rich or wealthy at my age of my 30's. I am desperate and confuse and will plead with to be providing me with guidance and ways to come out of hustling.
Thank you

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