Gross Parasites, But Chances Are You Have Them!


Feeling sluggish, digestive problems, low energy, like something is not quite right with your digestion or brain? 

If that sounds like most of the population at one time or another, it is NOT because people have turned into stressed out complainers, it CAN be due to us acting as hosts for some nasty critters.

What's this got to do with being productive or improving ourselves? 

Well, as is outlined in Attracting Greatness…to achieve more happiness and success in our lives we have to focus on 5 Pillars, one of which is the health of our system (digestive, emotional, blood/circulatory, and brain) and that is hard to do if 1/2 to 3/4 of us are walking around hosting "bad" overgrowths of either yeast or parasites.

We think of pets getting parasites, but not humans – or if they do – they must not be living in sanitary conditions. 

The secret truth though is that we pick up parasites from many places, foreign trips, our own dogs or kids can bring them to us…with a perfectly healthy system we can fight and eliminate these with little or no fuss, but most of us do not have 100% healthy systems and so they take root, begin to multiply and quickly overtake good bacteria and balance in our systems.

For some, they notice right away with overt illness, but most suffer for years with low energy, foggy brain, low immune systems (catch any cold within a mile), constant heartburn or indigestion, excess weight and other mild, yet frustrating symptoms. 

Take a read of this excellent blog post from a genius alternative health practitioner our family has been consulting for years – WARNING THOUGH…what you read and see may gross you out! – "Parasites – Are They Real"

The good news is that they are relatively easy to get rid of, a few days of either herbal, nutritional or homeopathic treatment and they will be on their way out.

The GREAT news is how much energy, happiness and sanity you gain once they are gone – so seriously, read the Awakening Potentials blog post and then contact them, they can help you no matter how far away you are.

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February 9, 2011

Tony @ 2:33 pm #

You certainly do get an energy boost when the parasites are taken out. And you will find that your thinking becomes so much clearer. I call it getting out of a brain fog, where you just can't focus, and have trouble absorbing what you are reading etc.

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