Great Description Of Mindfulness And How It Helps You


Mindfulness is an extremely powerful and necessary pillar to overall life success.  But what is mindfulness really, and how can you apply it to your life to improve your well being?

Mindfulness can be something abstract, challenging to understand and certainly mystifying about how to apply it to your own life.

When you think about mindfulness as largely being made up of these 3 "R"s though (as in the video) – it starts to make much more sense:

1. Reflection:  taking time to consciously reflect on your past and current states

2. Relationships:  Science has proven a very strong link between connections with other people and physical as well as emotional health

3. Resilience:  Being strong and resilient gives one immense levels of inner self-confidence and this resilience comes largely from being aware of our inner strength (reflection) and our deep relationships

This definition of mindfulness, breaking into 3 very understandable and applicable concepts, advances our ability to not only understand what it means to be mindful, but how to reach that objective in our lives.

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