Getting Unstuck – The First Step


What happens when you are stuck in a rut and you can't seem to get the motivation to move forward in your life?

You could be…

  • Stuck in a pattern of day dreaming, unable to take action
  • Enveloped in a funk that just never seems to lift
  • Tired with no energy to take action or motivate yourself
  • Constantly down on yourself for not being able to get where you really want to be
  • Trapped in a situation where each hour, day and week seem exactly the same – wondering how to break free

Many of us go through times in our life when we get to this stage of seeing the end point of where we would like to be, but simply can't seem to make any forward progress toward our goals.


Inside Attracting Greatness, the concept of Thinking Big is combined with the idea of practically building bridges as stepping stones to reach our end objectives.

For instance, if today we find ourselves with extremely low self-confidence, barely able to talk with anyone because we are so shy or introverted and our end goal is to be comfortable in our own skin, confident in our own personality and able to be secure in any social situation…that's a pretty big step to reach from where you are right now.

As big as the pain may be for you today in having to deal with your current low self-cionfidence and social awkwardness, the pain of getting from point A all the way to point Z is bigger – the result being you never actually take action to get where you want to be.

That's where the concept of  "bridges" come in.

To reach BIG goals, we need to break down our journey into a series of steps creating bridges to reach the ultimate objective

Getting unstuck depends on our ability to take one simple action toward our overall goal knowing that getting our journey started is the key to building momentum and ovecoming the rut in which we find ourselves

So, the first step may be picking a specific social situation that isn't as overwhelming and really thinking about how others are acting and feeling in this situation.

For example, you agree to a small get together with a few people you know and in advance you think about where they are coming from, what their insecurities are (or could be), why they talk or act the way they do and how they probably are nervous themselves.

This accomplishes two things for you:

1. It takes the attention off of you and puts in onto them in your mind.  Our tendancy when we are low on self-confidence is to overthink our own behaviors.  This way you take the pressure off of yourself by thinking about who you will be meeting

2. You begin to come to terms with the fact that everyone has emotions, challenges they must overcome which helps put your own challenges into perspective so they don't seem so large

Having taken your own inernalization of pressure and attention off of yourself, you have created a "bridge" to becoming much more self-confident and self-assured in social situations.

In doing so, you have also taken the first step toward becoming unstuck…well on your way to building momentum toward further action. 

You have become Unstuck…it works each time so give it a try.

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