Getting Out Of Your Own Way

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The "Real" You

Here's a question I have been asking myself many times in the last few days…

"How can I overcome fear, frustration, doubt and poor self image so that my true passion, excitement, energy and capability is allowed to shine through?"

In other words, I am trying to get out of my own way!

Can you any of you relate?

Have you noticed that often you are faced with an opportunity, situation or challenge where you desire to go one way and end up NOT going that way because of your fear, doubt or lack of self confidence?

Maybe it's a social situation that you would really like to attend, but are afraid of how you will appear or of being embarrassed?

Or perhaps it is a person that you feel is a great match for you, but you convince yourself otherwise because you fear being rejected.

It happens to each of us everyday.

What if we could act on just 20%, 30% or even 50% more of these situations, can you image how much happiness and peace that would bring to our lives?

In Attracting Greatness…The Guidebook For Achieving Greatness In Life, it was apparent that most resistance holding you back in life is controlled by you and is, in fact, hiding the "true" you from the world.

So many people have a failure mentality when they unfortunately have not even tried fully to let their best shine through.

If you accept that there is Greatness inside all of us (hard to argue that point), then it goes without saying that we simply need to "unblock" that Greatness so it emerges.

We need to remove obstacles such as fear that keeps us from looking within, admitting who we are, believing in who we are and behaving in alignment with who we are.

It starts with having the courage to put yesterday behind and look inward with objectivity – no matter what has happened in the past.  Suspend disbelief and finally discover our inner greatness so we can work further to unleash that character and Greatness into the world.

Have you ever had the feeling that you get in your own way?

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