Getting Out Of A Deep Hole


improve lifeThere are many who work through Attracting Greatness who evolve from living in a deep hole of despair, depression and self sabotage to hope, the start of satisfaction and much more positive energy…for those of you reading this that feel like you are in a deep hole, here is how you can get started.

For many when you feel near rock bottom, you often think…

  • You don't deserve to be heard
  • You can't seem to shake that "dark" feeling about yourself
  • You feel lazy ALL of the time
  • You procrastinate on everything and that just drives you deeper into the hole
  • You have little or no self confidence in front of other people
  • You tend to attract other negative people who also are working through big challenges in their life
  • Make selfish versus selfless decisions and then regret them

Even more challenging, you begin to blame yourself as a desperate method of getting sympathy and attention which only reinforces the deep hole you are in…otherwise known as the "victim" mentality.


So how do you overcome this seemingly overwhelming place you find yourself in your life?

The first question I want you to answer is – Are you ready to finally make a change?

You see, you DO control your emotions, thoughts, beliefs and response to things in life – so you do have control over changing your life, but you must be ready to make that change.

If you are ready, then go ahead and post a comment to this blog post and state that intention to change…it will help reinforce this trigger point in your life and begin the incredible improvements you will experience.

Next, recognize the "self-blame", "victimization", "I don't deserve…" type thoughts as the "easy way out" rather than romanticizing them as struggle.  Getting out from under these thoughts is critical and a surefire sign of growth.

Finally, realize that where you are in your life and your thought process has been cultivated over many, many years…so it will take some time to reverse those trends…but it certainly can be done.


1. Breaking Through The Negativity

Give yourself a break, put all of your negative self-belief aside for just 15-20 min each day and imagine things were different…what would you be doing, what kind of life would you have?   You want to begin to imagine an end goal, this gives you a purpose and goal

2.Re-Conditioning For Success

Start to reverse the damage done from hundreds of self-talk moments each day where you put yourself down "Ex — I don't really deserve to talk"  and countering that with positive statements like "I will help myself and the world with one helpful action or idea each day" What you want to do here is write down anywhere from 3-12 positive statements about what you bring to this earth and what you will bring in the future…in effect this conditions you to higher self confidence

3. Visualize Your Ideal Life

Visualize your life being very different – it doesn't matter how bad things seem today, you can control improvement and it can start to happen very quickly.  Belief in yourself is the key…then others will begin to believe in you.


Are you struggling in a rut or hole in your life…are you ready for a change?  Leave us a comment and get your transformation started.

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