Getting Ahead By Letting Go


change your lifeHave you ever experienced a time in your life when, either because of sickness or exhaustion or just because you HAD to, you actually slowed down and suddenly your body relaxed, your mind possessed thoughts you hadn't had for years and you experienced feelings that you hadn't perhaps felt since you were a kid?

We all seem to be so programmed to want more, need more, excel all at the expense of enjoying the time that is right now!

Take a quick break from reading this, look around you – I mean REALLY look around you and notice something you haven't noticed lately.

What sounds do you hear that are otherwise relegated into the background as you catapult yourself forward a million miles an hour.

While your living in the moment, why not let your mind wander back to earlier in the day or yesterday and remember something that happened to you that you are grateful for…your access to food, shelter and friendship are all good starting points.

Now doesn't that feel strange? 

That's because we have all become addicted to the struggle for transformation…there HAS to be somewhere else we have to be.  If not physically, then mentally we can't be satisfied – even for just an instant – with where we are right now.

I sometimes think that we all look like a planet of Zombies out of the Walking Dead…except we are zombies that "appear" normal with very hidden lesions and deficiencies coming about mainly self-inflicted as we give up our real dreams, passions, desires and pleasures for future transformation.

Soon, before we really know it, we lose track of where we were even headed, instead fueled by the adrenaline rush of rapidly going somewhere…anywhere!

This "addiction" to dissatisfaction and uneasiness is much more dangerous than addictions to alcohol or even drugs…in fact it can lead to many other addictions all in the name of coping with the BIG addiction of endlessly running toward a black hole.

We have to ask ourselves, are you running "toward" something you want or "away" from what you fear, doubt or do not understand?

I'm curious to know your thoughts on this addiction to constant movement, even when we aren't really sure where we are headed…like a headless horse in a carnival of fools.

Through years of studying some of the most successful, grounded and happy people on the planet, it has become clear that these individuals possess the amazing ability to SNAP out of this addiction to "pointless busyness" letting go of following and instead spending time unearthing their true, meaningful desires in life.

Not only do they learn to enjoy every minute, but they also do determine how to progress in meaningful ways where they don't compromise their fulfillment and happiness in search of someone else's definition of success.

Soon, we will come out with our latest conclusions based on years of study – and I have to say it was a pretty amazing set of realizations that puts personal development and life success in an entirely different perspective.

For now, let us hear your opinions – leave your comment on being addiction to progress and the expense of meaning and fulfillment.  We hope to read your comments…

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