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I love this quote from Robert Collier…

"Visualize this thing you want.  See it, feel it, believe in it.  Make it your mental blueprint and then begin" – Robert Collier

In order to visualize what it is you want, you will have identified the BIG goals in your life – these should be in line with a strong sense of purpose and congruency with your inner beliefs, desires and values.  Once you know WHAT it is you want, you have more than half the battle one on the road to getting more focused and getting better results.  If you are having trouble identifying or narrowing in on your purpose and bigger goals, work through the exercises in Attracting Greatness.

The next sentence is critical – having "thoughts" about your goals and objectives is not enough…we need to make sure these thoughts drive action.  That's the reason why visualization and experiencing both the ultimate outcome as well as the journey on the path to achieving your outcome is so important.  By internalizing and believing in our goals and objectives we cultivate the correct thought process that will drive behavior (our actions)

Finally, working through a set of steps – breaking down the path to achieving our goals is necessary in order that we can take consistent and persistent action toward those outcomes.

Try applying these concepts to your own life and enjoy the benefit of achieving improved focus leading to stellar results.

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