Fitting Meditation Into Your Busy Life


I struggled with meditation in my younger years, understood there should be some benefits but couldn't quite master it.

As is documented in Attracting Greatness, major life changes happened in my early 20's and again a few years ago that made meditation a MUST again…and I did manage to work out a method (using relaxing ocean/water sounds) that helped me override the day and reach meditative states.

The benefits were incredible…

  • Chronic, long-term digestive issues (IBS, Acid Reflux, Bloating, etc…) were suddenly under control
  • Slept through the night regularly for the first time in my 40-years
  • Increased energy by at least 50%
  • Lost weight and gained muscle
  • Had the energy to take on projects and interests I had wanted to take on for years, but just couldn't
  • Looked and felt the best I had in decades

The challenge I did have, and if you are reading this no doubt you have had the same challenge…

How Do You Find Time For Meditation In Your Busy Life?

The key is to make meditation the #1 priority in your life.

For many of you, that sounds selfish, but nothing could be further from the truth when you understand that successful meditation makes you a much better person and can not only feel and look better, but you can help those around you to a fear greater extent.

Here are some common times and ways you may seek to fit meditation into your life:

  • Before work in the morning – get up 20-minutes earlier is one of my favorite times when things are quiet, you are relaxed and start the day off in the right way
  • At the gym – you know how most gym's have a room or corner where people can work on floor exercises, etc… use this spot to fit a quick 15-20 minute meditation in
  • At work, take a break or lunch and either go to your car, a quiet place in your office, (for me working at home I go to another room) or even drive to a local park if you can and use this time to meditate
  • When you get home from work…take 15-20 minutes for yourself before you jump into family time, it can re-charge your batteries and help you to forget a bad day
  • Take some of your TV time after 9PM, think of it as part of your unwinding routine for the day…try to leave a good 30-minutes before bed though as meditation is not sleep and is more effective if done while awake.

Understand that meditation, while challenging when you first begin, can be fit into a 10-20 minute space in your day and work wonders in your life.

The bottom line is that you must make this a priority as it improves your mental and physical state through the remainder of the day.

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