Finding Your Purpose And Living It!


There are no two things in life more confounding, more challenging than finding your purpose in life and having the energy and vitality to live congruently with your life purpose. 

Without a purpose in life we tend to float aimlessly from activity to activity – always feeling like we are missing out on the joy and key aspects of life. 

In fact, finding your life purpose and eliminiting obstacles to achievement in your life is the key focus of Achieving Greatness – and here we are going to help make this process so much easier and quicker. 

We tend to get bored easily, seek meaning in many of the tasks and activities in our life, have long periods of feeling down and even experience depression when we lack a life purpose. 

Then, when we are successful, we finally discover the holy grail and know what it is in life we are really after – at our core being – we discover that we need energy and may have other things in our life preventing us from living in line with our purpose in life. 

So, here are some suggestions on finding your purpose and living in congruency with our life purpose…

  1. Set time aside in your busy life dedicated to ONLY finding your purpose in life – no interruptions, making it a priority
  2. Allow yourself a free brainstorming session where you will list dozens and dozens of potential idea on what your life purpose is…it will take this long for you to find something that has the emotional meaning that indicates you have discovered your life purpose.
  3. Think of your life purpose in terms of what you will contribute to society in return for feelings of immense satisfaction, financial return and positivity across the universe
  4. A great way to accelerate the process is to meditate on finding your life purpose.  Instead of a general meditation session, focus instead on the singular task of finding the purpose that will most directly align with your inner core – and you will find that your subconscious will deliver you the answer
  5. When you reach the optimal life purpose you will have an intense emotional experience – some people laugh incontrollably, others jump up and down while still others become overcome with emotion. 

So, once you have nailed down your purpose in life, in order to keep focus and turn this newfound discovery into incredible achievement in your life…you do need to improve your energy by:

  1. Feeding your mind and body by eating more vegetables and fibre so that your system begins to detoxify itself
  2. Check yourself for evidence of an overgrowth of yeast or parasites in your system – some studies have demonstrated that the average person in North America is suffering from imbalances in one of these two areas that lower energy considerably and lead to additional emotional conditions and diseases
  3. Exercise more to feed clarity of mind, natural cleansing of the body and ramping up energy.

By combining a powerful life purpose with energy renewal you can turn any condition into a powerful, joyful, peaceful and incredibly rewarding life situation – all started within just a few weeks. 

For more on aligning yourself with Achieving Greatness, see the compelling life purpose and attracting greatness system outlined here.

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