Finding Your Life Purpose Is Empowering!


So much of our happiness, motivation and success in life seems closely linked with finding your life purpose. 

I can remember my teenage years daydreaming in class wondering what my true purpose in life really will be – what career will I have, what sort of lifestyle will I lead and who will I lead it with?

As we grow older more and more of finding our life purpose gets wrapped up in major achievements – our first car, our home, our relationships, how we dress, how many awards or promotions we receive and so on…

Is that really the rigth way to define our purpose in life?

If so, why do so many people who have achieved peaks in their lives want to simplify life, to change your life into something completely different, but the question is….what?

It's really worth it to see how we view the purpose of life – especially as it relates to getting specific results. We are all extremely result-oriented and tend to view our lives in terms of how much we've achieved.

For instance, if you think about your life, you may consider yourself a high achiever if you earn double what you did four years ago. Maybe you have finally gotten married, and that is the real purpose in your life. Or, perhaps you've managed to work off that nasty 10lbs, is that the true catalyst to happiness?

But what about negative life experiences, does that mean evertime something bad happens we must take a nose dive, lose our self-confidence and that we are not a success anymore? What if your partner dumped you unexpectedly? How would you feel about yourself if you gained 5 pounds over the holidays?

It's a little silly to believe that your life purpose is so wrapped up in specific achievements isn't it?

It is no wonder that using specific goals, objectives and achievements as the sole guage for alignment with our life purpse leads to a roller-coaster of emotions.

If your self-worth is tied in with achieving your goals or particular position then you'll be motivated to do more only when things are going well.

Does that sound like you?

I can tell you, since we released the Ultimate Guide On Improving Self-Confidence…we have noted that thousands upon thousands suffer dramatic shifts in their self-confidence and self-esteem – the good news is that it can be quickly and permanently reinforced…if you follow the steps in the course.

The problem in both these cases is that you've tied up your self-worth in things that you don't have any control over. When events change your self-worth changes too and you suffer either way. If you're always pushing yourself to achieve, you may forget to relax and be happy with just who you are. If you are terrified of failing you may call it self-acceptance and never live up to your full potential. 

What then is the secret to finding your life purpose?

Maybe you have been looking for your purpose in life in the wrong place? 

After all, if you lose something valuable in one place and only look in another are you likely to find your missing item?

No, as it goes with finding your life purpse. 

Instead of looking for your purpose in a specific life event, goal, objective or posession, seek to uncover the ongoing reason you have deep within for existing in this life.

For some, this will be a form of spirituality, others will find it in a mission or cause that helps others.

When I examined my life and remembered back to the times, situations and events where I was most happy, there was a consistent theme – coaching, teaching or helping. 

Coaching minor hockey, teaching writers and information publishers to share their knowledge with wider audiences, helping our local church with their programs, teaching my kids how to be happy and self-sufficient – these were congruent with my life purpose.

If we look at how we live, what we contribute and how we can add value to this world, then your finding your life purpose will be both quick and rewarding. 

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