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grow your focus in lifeAs we near the end of this year, I always find it a good time to review personal progress over the past 12-months noting what went well and perhaps an area of improvement over the coming 12-months.

On the positive side…

  • Improvement in maintaining my fitness level
  • Better control of stress and resulting judgement improvements as a result
  • More time spent with my family, especially my kids when they need it the most
  • Overall a better sense of wellness and health, physically and mentally

When I think back on how that happened it comes down to one thing…FOCUS!

You see, I'm not a big believer in living your life by accident.  While I agree that not everything can be planned out or happens for seemingly logical reasons, I do believe that you must be focused on what you want in order to recognize accidental opportunties

The improvement in fitness was no accident, instead it started with a very deeply held desire to improve in that area, a weekly reminder of that underlying desire, a well-thought out plan of exercise that involved a combination of strategies depending on whether I was at home, at the gym or traveling.

Bottom line is that when you want to improve an area of your life be that results you are getting in your professional or personal life focus is what generally makes the difference and gives you the extra edge you are most probably wishing for.

So, how do you regain focus in your life?

1. Foundation Of Focus – Calmness & Sound Judgement

A busy, confused and abused mind is not the right environment upon which to cultivate focus.  If you are stressed out, spinning on a wheel like a hamster in a cage or constantly numbing your mind with alcohol or medication then the first step is to improve your foundation of calmness so that your judgement and focus can naturally grow.    For me, everything in my life changed when I started meditation, deep breathing and yoga. As outlined in Attracting Greatness, meditation and mindfulness are used by many of the top achievers around the globe – and with good reason – it WORKS!

These practices help to calm your mind, objectively see the world around you (instead of subjective interpretation that leads to imagining fear or frustration that goes far beyond reality).  With 20-minutes of meditation each day you can change your life in as little as 30-days and effortlessly grow your power of focus instantly.

2. Know What Drives You

For many people, this underlying purpose is very hard to figure out.  Yet, by looking within you and thinking back to when you were a child or teen, we can often recall patterns that made us feel excited, "in the moment" which guides us to what our true passion and purpose is in life.  Focus comes naturally when we can re-discover our natural passions and purpose in life.  Align your life with what drives you, focus issues will be a thing of the past.

3. Deal With Fear

Many people deliberately avoid focus because of fear, that fear could be…

  • fear of failing at something that is most important to you
  • fear of putting all of your eggs in one basket
  • fear of not being able to step up and make things happen
  • fear of having to think or focus at all

Fear prevents many of us from following our passions, putting ourselves out there and going all-in toward what we really want in life.  Remove the fear and watch focus take over.

4. New Habits

If you are not achieving the results you want in life today, and your focus in order to achieve those results is part of the issue then the habits you currently have must be changed.  Most of what we do each day, each week and each month is habit-based…we no longer think about why or what we are doing, we just do it.   To fundamentally change our results we need to put that focus and passion into creating new habits.  Once we establish these new habits, we redirect our lives into a direction where new habits support our desired end results.  The outcome is improved focus and achievement in life.

What about you?  Are you satisfied with your results in life?  What areas require improvement?  Which areas could benefit from you being able to apply more focus?

Using these techniques you can direct your life in order to regain focus and achieve a very different result starting right now.

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