Finding The Motivation To Exercise


How do you get motivation to exercise when the days are short, your energy is low, it's cold outside and overall you just feel like sitting on the couch more than becoming active through exercise?

All of us tend to get sidetracked this time of year with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can be challenging to keep up our exercise routine – so what happens when you lose your motivation to exercise?

In fact, what happens when we lose our motivation to do just about anything – some would even say they get depressed making it even harder to get back to active exercise.

Certainly breaking free of ruts, challenging ourselves to live happier, more energetic and productive, fun lives is a reality – the blueprint inside Attracting Greatness talks about the 5 Pillars of Greatness consistent with the most successful people over the last 100 years, but here are 3 ways to get more motivated about exercising:

3 things that may help you get motivated to exercise

1. Link your health to something you really want badly – getting a date, attracting someone to you, impressing a friend, gaining new friends, etc… Imagine what this person or people would think of you if you look and feel more fit…that should help you get motivated.

2. Suspend your disbelief. Give yourself 3-days and commit to getting 20-30 minutes of exercise each of these 3-days and then see how you feel. This works when I get stuck in a rut. After the first few sessions (either at home, outside for a jog, to a gym, etc…) I feel so good I typically stay on track.

3. Mix up your routine. Exercise doesn't have to mean a workout at the gym. Going for a brisk walk in the morning is great cardio and will help with fat loss if your walk is brisk and lengthy enough. Head to your local indoor pool – it's great to swim hard for 20-minutes and then take a hot tub in the cold winter. Spend 10-minutes going up and down your stairs followed by another 10-minutes of situps, pushups and jogging on the spot while you watch TV. It doesn't matter where you get your exercise, just get it in.

It's funny that our minds forget how great it feels to be active – to be in motion, so what we have to do is get our bodies in motion for our mind to re-discover the positive feelings of exercise.

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