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passion test

The Passion Test

Feeling stuck in life?  Are you at a point where you need a change?  Thinking there has GOT to be more meaning to this time on Earth and know you need to find out what that is?

Look, our happiness and emotional feeling about where we are in our lives changes frequently and we all go through periods where we have stopped dreaming and find ourselves at a crossroads where we need to shake things up a little – and that usually means searching for the purpose in our life at that time.

Remember as young people, we had limitless dreams, anything seemed achievable and the process of dreaming about the future was highly fulfilling and motivational – but somewhere along the way real life seemed to get in the way.

The good news is that we can control the boat – we can begin the process of turning things around, getting back on course where we can get those feelings of wonderment, of being unstoppable and inner peace back.

I often look back at a keystone book (I suggest you pick up a copy – this is one of those few examples where you get far more than a book – instead it is a tool you can come back to it again and again) The Passion Test.

This book has it all for those wondering how to get unstuck, how to rekindle the inspiration, dreams, passions and motivation in your life.

With a mix of practical, step-by-step blueprint material, case studies and touching stories from people who you truly can relate to this book never fails to immediately help when I need to re-visit where I am in life and alter the course to get back in tune with my passions and begin to enjoy life again.

I am amazed that each time I go back and review the Passion Test I find something new that instantly gives me control to change my life for the better.

For example, this latest reading I pulled out the following:

Action engages Attention – it is not the action that achieves the result.  Things will almost certainly NOT turn out the way you plan.  But by taking action you keep your attention engaged with fulfilling your intention.  It is your attention that creates the outcome.

In this line alone, we see the formula for handling setbacks – by focusing on giving your intentions ATTENTION through constant and consistent action, you make the achievement of your goals (your intention) a certainty.

There are hundreds of other revelations inside this terrific book, it is a MUST to add to your collection and will certainly give you far more benefit in your life than the price indicates.

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March 6, 2011

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