Far-Reaching Impact Of Being Stuck In Your Life


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Working back from our last blog post that shared the Most Effective 4-Step Process For Getting Unstuck In Your Life, in today's post we cover the impacts of staying stuck and how that can impact your life as well as the lives around you.

We all know that being stuck in a rut in life can be frustrating and that we realize it increases the stress and discomfort in our lives, but there's more to it than that.

1. Physical Well Being

When I was in my early twenties I was stuck in place in my life (bad habits, job I hated, debt, etc…) that dramatically impacted by health.  Inside Attracting Greatness I shared my story about how the combination of external chemicals, chronic stress and anxiety as well as bad habits (made worse by stress) put me in the hospital to the point where I lost severe weight and thought I was about to leave this world.  Turns out much of what was wrong with me was still reversible, but was due almost entirely to the rut I was in at that point in my life.  If you have physical ailments that range from allergies to migraines, digestive issues to numbness of  your limbs through weight challenges through substance abuse – most of that can typically be traced back to a helplessness/hopelessness of being stuck in your life

2. Emotional Wellness

Do you find that you have frequent negative thoughts?  Perhaps your moods and emotions are up and down like a see-saw?  Are you prone to lashing out at others?  Do you frequently fee anxiety or stress?  Do you have trouble sleeping or focusing on the task at hand?  How about procrastination?  These are all often either caused-by or made worse by where you are in your life.  Often by regaining vision, purpose and an action-oriented lifestyle you regain emotional and physical health within very short periods of time

3. Relationships

Show me someone stuck in their life and I will almost guarantee that they have challenges with their relationships.  Often they are unable to form deep relationships with people who truly respect them  not to mention that they feel it is tough to find deep, unconditional friendships.  Instead, they often are part of dysfunctional, co-dependent or even abusive relationships.  To believe that you can separate your feelings of being stuck in your life from your relationships is completely false

4. Career And Finances

I bundle these two areas together only because they are highly dependent on one another.  When you are stuck in a rut in your life that carries through in terms of your self confidence, your ability to see yourself in more substantial roles and your feelings of worthiness when it comes to your earning potential as well as value to the marketplace.   When you get unstuck in your life you suddenly see yourself in a new light, filled with talent and skills that add value to others and for which you are paid very well.  It's not that you have to become money motivated, but rather that you recognize the true value of what the "healthy" you can bring to the market and you will be paid in response to the value you bring

5. Social 

Do you have FUN in your life?  Do you experience fun, excitement, peace and enjoyment in the majority each day?  For people stuck in a rut, fun is a decreasing commodity in their lives.  Fun is not something they experience daily, even weekly but is an infrequent experience that tends to become less and less common as time goes on.  It's not so much that the opportunity for fun doesn't exist, it IS simply that when you are stuck in a rut you are unable to see these situations as fun OR you are unable to take part because of fear, hopelessness or lack of self confidence.  Obviously this brings us around to your contribution to society at large.   Being negative and depriving the world of your greatness is a highly negative way to live your life.

Taking the time to break out of your life rut doesn't just impact one or two areas of your life, but impacts ALL areas.  The total improvement experienced when you get unstuck in your life is measured in multiplied measures…with all areas of your life and the lives of those around you impacted positively.

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