Erase Self Doubt For Good


We all hit this point in our lives where we seem to reach an invisible (but very persistent) ceiling which we can't seem to get past.

How hard is it to lose that last 10-15 lbs?

Why can't we seem to break into the next level of management in our job despite the fact that we know we have the knowledge and ability?

What is it that stops us from being ourselves in certain situations – over and over again?

How come the people we want to attract most don't seem interested in us?

Life is enjoyed through living…in other words the journey of constant learning, service and growth are what really makes us feel alive, happy, relevant and energetic.

So, when we hit a ceiling, those positive feelings all decline…this happens long enough and we find ourselves in a rut.

Self Doubt Destroys Growth

What is this ceiling?

Is it something imposed on us or is it something we impose on ourselves?

In the vast majority of cases the ceiling we experience no matter what area of our lives we are trying to grow or expand is our own doing and happens (without us even knowing) through self doubt.

We may WANT to lose that last 15 lbs, but even the smallest doubt creeps into our mind in whether we really can defeats our momentum, creates negative thoughts and leads to inaction.

We may WANT that big promotion at work or to change jobs, but there are seeds of self doubt brewing around whether we can really handle the new responsibility, what it will do to our family and whether it puts us in a less "comfortable" place in our lives.

Stomping Out Self Doubt

If we can eliminate (or at least limit) self doubt from entering our minds then it stands to reason we can crack through this artificial ceiling we have created that limits our true potential.

Here's how you can drown self doubt in its tracks.

1. Awareness

The first key to stomping out self doubt is knowing that it exists and it's sneaky.  I know when self doubt has crept into my life each time I go to take a big risk or step in life, it happens without me knowing.  Quietly, without awareness you begin to have these small thoughts or doubts – as you approach the final decision they become more frequent and more clear.   Now you are aware of what's happening…be always mindful and expect that self doubt is a natural response to any new progress in your life.   This shouldn't surprise you, instead recognize it as it tries to impact your thoughts – that's where you can stamp it out before it builds.

2. Replace Self Doubt With Self Assurance

Who will win the battle for your mind…self doubt or self assurance.  If you do nothing, then self doubt will win every time.  If you, however, decide to take proactive action you can fill your mind with belief and certainty which are the roots of self assurance.  You will smother any chance for self doubt to enter your mind.   Techniques for cultivating self assurance are right here for you free – just download the report and work through them to become an expert at cultivating self assurance

3. Don't Settle

Ever wonder how self doubt managed to secretly creep into your otherwise positive mindset?  Often this happens through so-called logic, where you "settle" for something less than full commitment and assurance.  So, instead of sticking to your plan to lose the last 15 lbs you instead allow thoughts such as "Just one weekend of non-dieting will just push me back a week and that'll be ok"  or "Instead of 15lbs, 10lbs will be good enough…certainly much better than where I was"  If you become aware of thoughts that include "Just" or "Maybe" or "Instead Of" or "After", etc…then you are allowing the seeds of self doubt to take root

4. Perfection Is Only An Excuse

We seem to put this term "Perfection" on a pedestal and revere it as something that top people do…wrong! Perfection is the pinnacle of self doubt.  What we are really allowing ourselves to believe is that I am not good enough today so I must wait until tomorrow.  Stamp out perfection attitude NOW – they are one of the most destructive mindsets you can get yourself into.  Yes, you can drive to always do better, but don't let that stop you from taking action

5. It's You, Not Them

Don't ever let anyone else impact your sense of self-assurance.  How self-assured you are should have nothing to do with what anyone else says, thinks or how they act around you.  It must come from within you…if anyone else has a hold on you in your life that has to end immediately.  You must be free to maximize your self assurance.  Others are either supportive of that or they should not be around you.

Amazing things can happen to you in your life when you replace self doubt with self assurance.  With these techniques you have full control to change instantly from accepting self doubt to demanding self assurance.

Is this a change you are going to make in your life?


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August 22, 2015

nudrat @ 12:07 pm #

Thought provoking and interesting. very easy tips but are very powerful 🙂

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