Enough Is Enough! Time To Change Your Life…


Have you reached the point in your life where the desire to change your life has turned into an overwhelming MUST?

Dreams, goals, desires are all terrific – but in an of themselves do NOT lead us to significant, lasting change in our lives.

Dreaming about getting out of debt and finally controlling our financial security is a solid first step, but it will not get us any closer to living in that reality.

Setting goals for losing 10 lbs and living a healthier life is fine, but without making your current state a NO MORE proposition, little will change.

Think back to the significant things you have achieved in your life…often incredible things happen when our backs are against the wall.

People finally lose weight when a doctor tells them their are diabetic or have had their first heart attack…because it becomes a MUST.

You may go out and find a better job or start your business because you were fired from a previous one because you HAD to.


You may get all of what I'm saying here, but the big question you may have is "how can we turn desires, dreams and goals into MUSTS when our backs are not really against the wall?"

For example, we know we are overweight, but so far have escaped critical health issues…so how do we construct the same mindset and motivation that would exist if we were facing a brick wall (a major health challenge for example)?

This specific issue of how to tear down existing beliefs, procrastination and fear in our lives is addressed in Attracting Greatness…because it is CRITICAL to successful change and growth in our lives.

We are all "locked into" a set of thoughts, habits, patterns that govern our actions…to turn your life around and change your life we need to find a way to unlock the current thoughts and states…and then lock ourselves into new thoughts, habits and patterns.

That is the secret to real and lasting change.

Learning to transition from dreams and desires through immense emotional purposing followed by changing your state and then "locking" into new habits will finally lead to the amazing changes that are just waiting for you in your life.

But it won't happen by dreaming, desire, or even setting goals alone…there is something else we have to do.  Changing our "locked-in" thought, habit and behavioral patterns is the key.

Watch this video from Tony Robbins as he explains the inner game with a special focus on what shapes your behaviors today and how to re-shape your behavior in a way that will result in massive life change heading into this next year.

By the way, my favorite quote from this video is all the way "People are rewarded in public for what they practice for years in private" – summarizes the importance of not only being amazingly motivated and driven but to make sure you carry through on the small things, the day-to-day rituals consistent with your end MUSTS!

Watch the video and jot down your favorite quote or point and leave a comment on our blog…this will help you focus and benefit from the video and make sure your mind is really getting this information.

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January 22, 2013

becca @ 11:37 pm #

Thank you Tony Robbins. I wil watch this every day to help overcome my rut.

January 23, 2013

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