Do You Expect Great Things From Yourself?


What if we could put our finger on the trigger that brings about change in your life starting you down a different path…a path where you can do away with bad habits and replace them with discipline, replace frustration and hopelessness with joy and excitement and achieve more in a few weeks than you have all year?

That trigger starts within your own mind.

What are your expectations of yourself right now?

Do you expect to live a healthy, happy life like the ones you may watch with envy possessed by highly successful people or do you settle for being something less?

Do you expect to reach a new level of financial and professional respect or do you settle for paying the bills and let the chips fall where they may?

Are you someone who demands that they live a life congruent with your passion or do you give in to the short-term pressures of pleasing someone else or taking the less risky road in the short-term?

What are the demands that you place upon yourself?

That magical trigger we spoke of above turns out to start with the expectations you set for yourself from which all future thought, action and commitment and outcome in your life develop.

If you want to change your life, change your actions, change your thoughts then start by changing the expectations you have for yourself.


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