Do This…The First GIANT Step Toward Higher Self Confidence


No doubt, we all have areas of our lives where having increased self-confidence would pay off big time – right?

  • Standing up for what we want in relationships
  • Being confident in front of others where we are anxious, nervous and not at our best today
  • Attracting more quality people into our lives
  • Influencing others (your boss to give you a raise or promotion, your customers to buy from you, your friends to listen more to you)
  • Letting that "trapped" YOU out, stop having to hide your true thoughts or feelings

The challenge, of course, is that we live with this desire to improve our self-confidence (and the inability to actually make that happen) for months and months and sometimes even years.

So, the question becomes, how do you get started realizing this improved self-confidence?

Like anything in life, getting started is the hardest part.  With this tip, you can finally take that first step toward improving your self confidence, get the ball rolling and get momentum working in your favor.

Take Back Control

So many people think that WHEN they are able to improve their self-confidence, they will be able to gain back control in their lives.

But, today's tip is an important one…flip this around – WHEN you make the decision to improve your self-confidence then you WILL take back control of your life.

What I mean is that most of us sit and wait believing that something externally has to happen before we can achieve a high level of confidence.

We must be validated, someone must give us a compliment or say "good job!"

Our dream date, partner or spouse needs to give us a compliment on how we look or acted.

We have to wait until our boss or manager realizes that we are amazing before we can even think to ask for a raise or promotion.

In other words, we have given up control of our self confidence and placed it in the hands of others — does that really make any sense?

A much better approach is to realize that self-confidence is something you build from the inside out and that when you decide to build your confidence this way,  you are empowered from within INSTANTLY at the point you decide to make this happen.

No more waiting for someone to give you a compliment, say nice things to you, pick you up from your funk or put you on their shoulders and magically bless you with a higher level of self confidence.

As the great manual "SNAP: 4-Steps To Getting Unstuck In Life" points out, the entire foundation of getting UNSTUCK in life, unleashing your true potential and showing the world who you really are (which attracts all that you want in life and more) is deciding that you are worth it and that you are confident in your ability to handle anything in life allowing you to move confidently from this day forward.

No longer will external validation be the main compass for how you are doing in life, instead it is how solid your self-confidence is and how aligned your thoughts and actions are with your internal objectives.

The first step to higher self-confidence is making this simple, yet very powerful realization that you (not the people or situations around you) are in control of your own confidence and that instantly you are empowered to change low self confidence to higher levels and show the world what you are really all about.

Will you make this change in your life?

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