Cultivating Good Habits


Most of us have a truckload of bad habits that have developed over the last years…

  • Too little or inconsistent sleep
  • Nutritional balance is way off…too much salt, alcohol, sugar with not enough protein, fruit and vegetables
  • Stop staying in touch with our true inner values and beliefs, choosing instead to be blindly influenced by external factors
  • Become complacent, stopped being active and exercising
  • Let others take action while we sit back and passively watch instead of taking an active participation role
  • Cover our own feelings of inadequacy or frustration by bad-mouthin others

Look, it happens to all of us…and left unattended we quickly will become infested with bad habits where they quickly choke out the good

What to do?

  • Remind yourself of the good habits by re-visiting them – writing them down
  • Internalize and strengthen your resolve around the good habits by linking them to concrete, highly emotionally desirable results
  • Repeat the good habits each day as soon as you get up…read your goals and set and use affirmations
  • Meditate to help reduce stress, put your mind and body at ease so it can focus on what it already knows are good habits
  • Stop being influenced by other people, draw your strength from within – you know what is best for you – act like it!

Just as an unattended garden will quickly be overgrown with weeds, your life requires attention to keep your bad habits in check with more good habits…what good habit can you put into place today?

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