Cultivating Breakthroughs


Never have we lived in a time when our expectations for results have been so instant.

We want an answer to a question, we jump online and have it within seconds.

We want to buy something, we don't have to wait any longer than it takes to find the website and place our order – shipping is often next-day

So when it comes to achievement – our expectations are so high that it makes dealing with steady progress nearly impossible. 

If we don't see improvement the first or second time we try something, we move on to something else, never giving time to cultivate success.

Yet, success is NEVER an overnight achievement, no matter what you are trying to accomplish.

You didn't learn to walk or talk in one day, didn't learn to ride a bike the first time you hopped on, and surely did not learn to be social human beings in the first week you were around others…

Here are 5 tips to help you cultivate breakthroughs in your life:

1. Make sure you are driven by a  BIG why in your life. There must be a deeply held, profound WHY that drives your goals and actions

2. Work out from that BIG why to establish goals in line with your purpose and then, in turn, steps toward achieving your goals so you are in total alignment with your bigger purpose.

3. Recognize and manage insecurities, fears and pain in your life to keep them from preventing you continually working toward your goals

4. Review daily the purpose for which you act and the outcome of living in alignment with your purpose…know that daily review will help drive toward major breakthroughs

Finally – another thing I found very useful is that I made SURE to make progress each day (even if it was the smallest thing) toward the important things to achieving my goals. No cop-outs and no substituting meaningless things for meaningful actions….by and large this means every day I make progress. Some days it doesn't feel like as much, there you need to have faith that these "low" days will add up to big breakthroughs – which they always do.

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