Control Stress And Improve Your Life


We all get stressed in today's fast-moving, rapidly changing and challenging economic times – many of us realize that stress is not GOOD for us, but do we really understand how bad it can be?

Negative stress, chronic stress and most of all, the inability to control stress in our life can (and will) lead to:

  • Over-eating which leads to weight gain and contributes to multiple health conditions including heart disease, diabetes and higher risk of cancers
  • Alcoholism…while we can point to some generic aspects of alcoholism, no doubt stress can push people over the edge
  • Over-stressed organs including the pancreas and digestive system which can easily lead to diabetes not to mention headache's, toxicity and other feelings of malaise
  • Hyperarousal (and no not the good kind!) – what this means is a busy mind that cannot relax and often means various sleeping disorders that can lead to various issues including death (#1 cause of accidents is from people deprived of sleep)
  • Socially you tend to transfer your stress to others around you causing them to also be stressed or to eventually not want to be around you further isolating you and increasing your level of stress
  • Economically, when you are stressed you tend not to get promotions, and today can easily see your job in jeopardy as companies and governments look to cut back

Many of us continue to live a life of chronic, negative stress because we simply have not made the pain of living WITH stress high enough compared to the challenge that faces us in reducing stress in our lives.

What can we do?

Make sure we understand the full impact of being in a near constant state of stress…the implications are major on your life.

Only when we convince our minds that the consequences of living with stress in an uncontrolled state exceed the effort we will need to put into reducing and controlling stress in our life will we begin to take meaningful action.

There is a lot we can do…meditation, basic levels of exercise, social involvement, sleeping patterns, deep breathing, small but significant dietary changes, body cleanse, etc…Many of these quick and easy techniques to bring stress under control are included in Attracting Greatness.  Before we can really expect change though we have to re-train our minds to take stress relief

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