Confused And Want To Change?


You wouldn't believe how many times I have heard people say that they are confused, down or even depressed and that they want to change their life.

Some of the main comments when we feel at this point in our lives are:

  • I feel awkward and uncomfortable around people
  • I have no friends (or at least no close friends)
  • People don't listen to what I have to say
  • I'm weird
  • Shyness constantly gets in my way
  • People seem to walk away from me or relate differently to me than others

Sound famiiar?

Without trying to diminish how devastating and frustrating having these feelings are in your life, let's put them into perspective and without it being too difficult, you can change your life.

  1. I would say the majority of us secretly thinks these thoughts, feels this way and end up getting stuck in a rut at some point in their lives – this is not just you and not just a small portion of the population, it's just that you may think about it more or have shared it outwardly
  2. The first major issue with this way of thinking is that we are putting ALL of the pressure on US when in fact the behavior of others is often due to other reasons.  In other words, you place yourself (in every social situation) as the center of Universe – all eyes are on you, waiting for you to mess up…sorry but that just is NOT the case.  Imagine trying to live under that pressure — no WONDER you are so self-critical, stressed-out and anxious
  3. Even though you may have a more introverted personality (meaning you like time to think, more serious conversations, smaller groups, etc…) this is different than being SHY.  Shyness can be overcome…and usually comes completely from how you are perceiving yourself in certain situations.   You can use the techniques inside Attracting Greatness to overcome shyness and see massive changes in your life
  4. There's nothing wrong with taking stock of your life and setting plans for how you can improve…this should not be a negative experience but rather a re-birth renewing your energy, excitement and confidence in life

So next time you get stuck in a rut, become confused and know that you want to change, embrace that challenge in your life and know that you can improve coming out with more fulfillment and happiness than ever before.

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