Confidence Building That Lasts


We all realize the benefits when we achieve confidence building goals…

  • We relax and enjoy life
  • We attract other self-confident, happy people
  • Everything seems to go right, as if it was according to some grand plan

So the question becomes not how to we build confidence once, but how do we learn confidence building techniques that last?

We can all remember times when we've been on top of the world, feeling the best we've ever felt, but then days later we may come crashing down and feel unhappy, depressed, empty, unfulfilled leading to bouts of low energy and procrastination.

What if we could stay on a more even path where confidence building techniques helped us to even out the low patches so that we had an overall higher level of self confidence and self-esteem, even in times that we can find quite challenging?

The techniques I've found most valuable to improving self confidence over the long term involve the following 3 areas – as outlined in the top selling and highly effective step-by-step blueprint in "Achieving Greatness" are:

  1. To stop measuring yourself against others and instead draw your objectives and achievements from within
  2. To uncover your living, existing life purpose
  3. To seek confirmation and ongoing satisfaction from living in congruency with your life purpose

True confidence building transfers our constant seeking of affirmation and self-worth from feedback in the outside world (such as friends, family, influential figures, etc…) to an inward looking congruency with our inner purpose and beliefs.

For instance, we may hold a particularly negative view of our body based on images of those around us, models in magazines or television, holding ourselves up to an example created by society  which may – in fact – be incongruent with what our inner desires may be.

For example, we may wish to feel good, have more energy and live a healthy, happy life in tune with nature – if we are either not in tune with this life purpose or not living in harmony with this purpose then we have little chance of achieving any weight loss let alone the weight loss that gets us to some external measure.

First, we must stop measuring ourselves against false models – looking inward instead to find our life purpose.  This is the basis of all confidence building progress.

Next, we need to become more in tune with our inner voice through meditation and yoga.  Despite what you may think of these two techniques – they are not some form of mystical technique that magically brings meaning to our life – instead that meaning already exists, these techniques merely quiet our busy minds allowing that inner purpose and inner voice to be heard.

Finally, once we know of our inner purpose, final and lasting confidence building comes from a dedication to living each hour, each day, each week in alignment with our inner purpose and inner beliefs.

Simply knowing what our life purpose is does not in itself guarantee higher self-esteem – for that to be realized, happiness to be achieved, we must actively live our lives in the direction of this newly realized life purpose.  Only then will our self confidence remain on a level high.

To uncover the 5 pillars of Achieving Greatness – make sure you review this system – it has worked for many where dozens of other systems have failed. 

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