Charting Your Course – Where Do You Turn?


Have you ever felt that your interests or activities are just not productive?  That you like watching TV, going to the movies, talking with friends, traveling – but when it comes to goals, producing results, making a living or getting things done — you just don't seem to know where to turn next?

Every person I've talked to that is stuck in this position in their life feels like they are the only one…some even feel they are on their way to crazytown!

They look around them and see people driven, goal-oriented, organized, getting results and being paid while they seem to be floating through life with some interests, but very little in terms of concrete plans, a job, career or business.

What's the solution?

Well, it certainly isn't to stifle your creativity or desire for creative stimulation.  Instead, the solution is to match your unbridled emotions and interests with a path that allows you to more fully experience what you do want.

When you are stuck at this point in your life, wondering how to bridge the gap between just existing and setting some goals that you can pursue and maybe even make a decent living doing it…try these techniques, they have worked for others just like you:

  1. Stop focusing on your deficiencies and look for what you DO like.  People stuck in this position have often dropped out of school, can't stick to one course for very long, avoid authority and may change jobs more often than their underwear…that gives them a complex making them think there is something really wrong with them.  Set aside the negative thinking and focus on what it is you are good at, what you like to do, what interests you have. 
  2. Don't be so concerned with fitting in, some of the most successful people in the world never fit the stereotypical "normal" person when it came to goals, achievement or jobs and education…it's more important to work in alignment with your own values and beliefs than someone else's
  3. Think about what you like doing, what you are good at, what sort of environment you would like to work in (surroundings, people around you, etc…) then go back and match those to a job, career, or business that may not be an EXACT match today, but offers you a road to get where you ultimately want to be.

Rest assured, when you identify your passions, interests and set aside the immediate/short-term rewards in favor of longer-term objectives, you can work wonders in moving toward results while living the life that you enjoy…the best of both worlds. 

Let us know your thoughts on becoming more productive while staying aligned with your passions, interests and strengths by leaving a comment.

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