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Have you ever noticed that when you want to grow or expand an area of your life you immediately look to others to help you get there?

If your goal is to lose 20-pounds, then you immediately ask those around you about diet or exercise plans, what they have done to try to lose weight – and what's even crazier is that most of these people didn't succeed.

Yet when you look at the people that really accomplish great things in one or more areas of their lives you will often hear them say they STOPPED following other people and instead charted their own course to greatness.

You are unique!

What has worked for someone else will not necessarily work for you.


What happens to most of us is that we end up chasing hope, chasing the faint dream that perhaps if we study someone else who has accomplished great things in their life that somehow their incredible achievements will "rub off" on us and by some miracle of osmosis we will suddenly wake up tomorrow in a much different place.

Unfortunately, that's not how achievement works.

Sure, we can seek guidance, motivation and inspiration from others…in fact that is something critical in overcoming our past bad habits replacing them with new, disciplined habits as is outlined in the SNAP System For Getting Unstuck In Life…

But, we must also be conscious of the fact that we will need to quickly direct our own ship, chart our own course and strike out on the exciting journey of trial-and-error aiming directly at the North Star that is defined by our sense of purpose and passion in life.

Our journey will be unlike anyone else's

The sooner we get started on our own path the sooner we can expect to reap the benefit of being in control of our own destiny and the self-confidence as well as learning opportunities that come along with such a choice.

Many people spend a lifetime chasing other people's dreams each time convincing themselves they are on the the right path because they have chosen the right mentor to follow.

Awkwardly they substitute their own effort, originality, passion and incredible ability for those of someone else giving up the very things that would have led them to the fulfillment and achievement in life they so badly seek.

I urge each of you reading this, take this moment to assure yourself that you will take control, chart your own course and become your own mentor (along with the feedback that trial-and-error returns to you).

After all, striking out on your own journey in life is more than half the battle to the achievement, confidence and fulfillment we all seek.

Are you ready?

If so, leave us a comment! State it to the world so the universe will hear and know that you are heading out taking charge of the next decade of your life!

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