Charging Through Resistance To Change


Following up on our recent blog post "Enough Is Enough – Time To Change Our Life" I thought it would be useful to take a closer look at what really drives change so that you can have that at your command as a tool to use to drive desired change in your life.

Most of us are resistant to change…in fact we go to great lengths to keep the status quo in life even if the current situation is less than desirable.

The tendency to fear what may come versus what is now is overwhelming for the majority of us.

"Deal with the devil that is versus the devil that may be…" is an apt summary for what drives the day-to-day behavior for humans.

This happens UNTIL we hit a pain point in our life, when the pain of where we are right now becomes so overwhelming that we are literally forced into action.

My great friends over at Awakening Potentials published a great blog post about "The Dancing Chicken" to illustrate how a phenomenon that used to play on the Carson Show where a chicken was made to dance on demand had quite a simple explanation – the plate was heated to a point where the duck HAD to dance.

So what are the major life points that will result in major changes in your life?

1. Relationships – meeting or losing a significant other

2. Parenting – major life choices brought on by being a parent such as financial obligations, caring for a sick child, educating your child, changes in your own life to keep up with your child

3. Career Change – a major promotion, losing one's job are the types of situations that force your hand toward either reckless spending or having your back against the wall

4. Illness – nothing motivates us greater than a life-changing illness or health challenge

But what if you want change in your life WITHOUT having to hit the wall? 

Isn't that what we are all really after?

Having the ability to initiate major change, break out of the status quo WITHOUT having to go through a breakup or major illness in life?

In our experience there are 3 major things we can control to bring about massive change in our lives without having to go through the huge pain associated with these major life events:

1. Build Up The Pleasure Associated With Making The Change

2. Manage The Fear/Worry/Anxiety Associated with Making Change

3. Grow The Pain Associated With Where We Are Right Now

For example, if you are 20-lbs overweight and know you want to be healthier and lighter, we would need to…

1. Focus on writing, affirmations, visions and meditate on life as if we had already lost the weight and were living a wonderful, healthy life

2. List the negatives we associate with the process of losing that weight – what crazy worries have we programmed into our thinking of how tough a slog it will be to lose that weight?

3. Focus daily on writing out and visualizing the pain associated with living with this extra weight…visualize the extra pressure on our arteries and heart, grab the fat in a mirror and build disgust, come up with a list of things that result from you carrying this extra weight, etc…

What we are doing is re-programming ourselves to associate more pain with the current situation than the change in life we are after…this technique is highly effective and can work within days if you are willing to put focused attention and follow through.

These concepts and more are part of Attracting Greatness – the Roadmap To Inner Peace, Passion and Productivity that has changed the lives of many and will change your life too.



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