Change Your Life – Be More Open, Magnetic and Attractive


Many people suffer with their current reality, hey would like to be someone better than they are especially when it comes to how they act and how they are received by others around them.

Can you relate?

Have you ever felt that others have a more magnetic personality?

I would have to say the #1 benefit that get from applying the principles of Attracting Greatness to their lives is an incredible inner confidence that results in amazing changes in how they are able to act in front of other people.

Where are you today?  Many people feel that no matter how hard they try, people are more attracted to those who "have the gift of the gab" and have learned to work a crowd or attract a significant other.

Even though you may "think" you are generally a positive person and have really tried to be more outgoing and positive, the reality is that inside you haven't changed yet.

But your internal picture and voice is that you are awkward, afraid, cautious, boring and often repel people you would rather attract.

Not a great way to go through life is it?


Nice title right?  But it's true, when we get these feelings of inadequacy it has everything to do with friends and lovers – we just want to get better at socializing and getting them to like us.

If you are reading this and you feel the urge to scream YES! That's ME!

Good, that means you are ready to change your life.

That doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you or your life in FACT, but there definitely is an issue with the way you perceive your life and that needs to change.

1. We Are All A Work In Progress

Realize that everyone needs to improve constantly…even those people that seem to have it all at work are typically having issues in other areas of their lives, so think of this as just an area you want to improve and have more control over rather than a deficiency.

2. Self Confidence Attracts

Now, what gives people that magnetism, that ability to behave naturally and be outgoing (or at least comfortable) around others?

Mainly it is a confidence in yourself.  Meaning that you can put yourself in a state of being comfortable/at ease and not worry about everything you say or every move you make which prevents you from being outgoing and creates an energy that overall says to others "you better keep your distance!"

3. Self Sufficiency Leads To Self Confidence

So many of us link how we feel about ourselves to external things like friends, relationships, jobs, sex or financial success.

Decide TODAY that your happiness will come from within and NOT be linked to having successful relationships.

This does not mean you are giving up and will not have a meaningful relationship, it simply means that you are going to change your life such that your happiness and fulfillment come from within rather than being dependent on relationships and others that you really do not control at the end of the day.

Once you make this shift, you gain massive confidence that you can make it no matter what and by extension that self confidence will attract others to you.

4. Re-Write Your Internal Thoughts and Pictures

So, start right away by changing the movie you run over and over in your head…decide that you ARE strong, you ARE honest and kind, you DO have a great deal to offer friends and eventually those you become romantically involved with and that you WILL (without a doubt) have the ability to attract amazing people into your life…so long as you get out of your own way.

In other words, like many things in life, the harder you try, the more you repel…if you simply KNOW that things will happen and work on yourself to keep the self-sabotage to a minimum, those things will naturally happen for you. This takes faith, but it really does work.

I have found that meditation and working through my own purpose and direction have helped me tremendously overall…knowing where I am headed, knowing that many of my fears and anxieties are overblown and realizing that I can be natural and that the whole world is not out to get me or even notice me is very freeing – now I can be more myself.

You can also work on networking and speaking skills in group settings like toastmasters where you get used to being put on the spot in a very comfortable environment which also gives you confidence that you can handle anything.

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