If you have ever wondered what invisible, frustrating force is holding you back in your life, preventing you from taking what you wish for and turning that into reality, then this information will help.

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In a constant search for life success, you experience struggles even though you try many things.  We have the benefit of working with thousands of others and intensely focusing on the keys to success in life perhaps more than many others do.

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life success

We all want our own definition of success in life, for some that means overcoming a debilitating illness while for others it means meeting the partner of our dreams.

I fully recognize that "success" is a subjective term, meaning different things to different people at different points in their lives.

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I've had the chance to dig deeply into what motivates some people who have done extraordinary things in their lives.  People who have learned to stop procrastination and accomplish more in a day than others dream about their entire lives. 

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So many people assume they can crawl out of bed each day, respond to the challenges (your boss, the morning commute, everyone wanting your help) and enjoy the odd pleasure (a coffee break, a splurge on food or clothes, a happy moment with your family) and somehow your life will get better, your dreams will be fulfilled and success will come your way.

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Could the process toward achieving success in our lives be this simple?

Step 1:  Look inward to find passions, strengths and interests that lay the foundation for our intention (to live in alignment with our passions and interests) – look wide and come up with a complete inventor.  Don't edit any of them in this process because how we apply these intentions to our action is not always obvious at first

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Success Path In Life

Your Success Path

How do you get to be good at anything? 

Doesn't it take practice?

What does practice mean? 

It means doing something (taking action), experiencing partial success (partial failure if you are a glass-is-half-empty sort of person) and using that feedback to try again until you get it right.

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