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Many people assume that being extremely busy, over-worked, not having enough relaxation time lead to stress when the reality is actually true.

When I work with people to understand and manage the stress in their lives, the most common underlying reasons for negative stress are:

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success with meditation

Have you tried meditation but get frustrated because it seems the harder you try, the less effective it is for you?

Are you worried that meditation will result in you "losing your edge?"

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I get told often by people that "I am so stressed" where they assume that stress is coming from being too busy or doing too many things.

Yet, if you really dig in, the stress comes not from being too busy but rather from the uncertainty and lack of control over one's life.

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stop stress life

stop stress life

We all talk about how much stress we have in our lives…but where does that stress really come from?

When stress is at a chronic level in our lives it affects everything right?

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Fascinating research released today unveils a hidden set of vessels that link your lymphatic system (main system involved in controlling your immune system – just as important as your blood stream) and your brain.

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how cope with stress

There is no sense trying to ignore it, we all experience stress in our day so instead, what if we had a way that worked for each of us to deal with stress?

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Chronic stress caused by feeling an overall lack of control and frustration in life is a paralyzing force that has many negative side-effects on our emotional, social and physical health.

We are all at risk, and many of us are trapped in a hopeless vortex of stress that, at times, seems impossible to escape.

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"Happiness and negativity are constantly running a race, it seems in my life, happiness always loses"!

Does this sound like your life?

Are you a person who has positive, happy moments in life but always seem to be pulled back into longer periods of negative thinking where you struggle to see the positive in your life?

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What if there was a way to make the next 24-hours incredibly better than the previous 24-hours?

Wouldn't that be something we could all persuade our minds to do?

See the biggest challenge with trying change our life is the fact that we have to start doing things today that may not manifest themselves in a noticeable impact for many weeks or months

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It happens to us all, we get hit with bad news, urgent deadlines, too many requests for our time and energy, everyone wants a piece of us to the point where we become overwhelmed in life.

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