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They key in life is to balance the satisfaction and fulfillment of all that you have and all that you WILL have to come in your life with the insatiable demand to live out your true potential, drive toward BIG goals and to enjoy every minute of the journey along the way.

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live new life

As you, I am surrounded by different people…

  1. Some that are miserable, stuck and have given up hope
  2. Many people who have the desire to change, still have hope, have a vague vision of what they want their life to be but continue to live as if that life is years away

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how improve your life

We've talked about reaching out to different platforms and sources in order to change your beliefs and change from negative thinking to positive thinking as one method of snapping out of the rut in your life and start living a new reality.

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stuck in life

I am obviously a big supporter (and hopefully have done my share) of improving people's lives through personal development and self improvement.

I also believe entirely that anyone can completely reverse their past or even present by taking control and changing tomorrow, and the days after that.

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life control

It happens to all of us at points in our life when we agreed to believe, think, plan or act in a way that did not correspond to what we really felt or thought at the time.

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stop negative self talk

How often do you find yourself in pressure situations and talk yourself out of doing what you really want to do or are truly capable of doing?

For example, as a student, you have a big test and even though you know the material forwards, backwards and sideways you still let your inner voice bombard you with doubt.

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time to change life

For the better part of my teenage years and then well into my twenties I had this attitude that the future is when things were going to really click for me in my life.

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how to meditate

Something I learned very early on in my life made a very big impact…

While It's Not Intuitive, The More Self-Discipline We Have, The Freedom We Experience"

Think about it, who has more freedom, choice, influence and results in their life…

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It seems we all strive to be more happy and to have more happiness in our lives.

Yet, unlike training for our jobs or learning a new skill, we haven't learned how to change the amount of happiness we have in our lives?

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We spend a great deal of time on this blog and through our various programs such as our top selling "Getting Unstuck In Your Life" program working on understanding and then re-programming our minds for breakthrough results in your life.

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