Inside SNAP: 4 Steps To Getting Unstuck In Your Life we talk about the pillars that must be in place to make major breakthroughs and progress in your life…one of those pillars is self-confidence.

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grow self worth

How many times have you thought to yourself "I should be in a different place in my life" or a variant on that thought placing you in doubt about where you are now versus where you want to be?

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Answer this question honestly…

When you do something wrong, get down on yourself or analyze your self-talk do you say… "I am _________"  versus "What I Did Was _________"?

Which One Of These Boosts Your Self Esteem And Which One Kills It?

What this really gives you insight into your level of self esteem and self confidence.

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We all hit this point in our lives where we seem to reach an invisible (but very persistent) ceiling which we can't seem to get past.

How hard is it to lose that last 10-15 lbs?

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Having a healthy level of self-confidence impacts everything in your life from your own self-image and peace of mind to your peer groups and ability to attract others toward you right through to your ability to do well in school and your career.

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Have you ever struggled with anxiety or maybe felt depressed but thought that your self-esteem was firmly intact?

I had a fascinating discussion with a 25-year old woman yesterday who went through a fairly big change in her life recently because she finally discovered that underlying her anxiety and depression was a very low self-esteem

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When you hit a point in your life or a particular situation where you lack self esteem you know the feeling…

  • You immediately become withdrawn, fearful of every word, action or thought

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Do you lack self confidence in one or more areas of your life and struggle to find a way to regain your confidence for the benefit of you and those around you?

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grow self esteemMany of us live with low self esteem for years, in the back of our minds we recognize that we are not quite as confident as others are and create many defense mechanisms that compensate for our low self confidence.

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improve self esteemOf all the challenges we face in our lives having low self esteem could be one of the most damaging, yet hidden of them all.

What makes low self esteem so destructive is that it occurs at such a young age, permeates our entire internal thought process which then impacts our actions creating a vicious circle that feeds itself holding us back from being who we really are capable (and meant) to be in life.

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