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Wouldn't you agree that a very significant portion of your happiness in life happens through inspiration?

I know that when I'm inspired, all of the right buttons are going off and I can most accurately point to what being fully happy and engaged in life is really like.

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Working back from our last blog post that shared the Most Effective 4-Step Process For Getting Unstuck In Your Life, in today's post we cover the impacts of staying stuck and how that can impact your life as well as the lives around you.

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I come from a family of "worriers".  My parents were constantly worried about everything from their jobs, finances to health and how they were raising us.

Oddly enough, by being so damned over-protective and worrying so much they likely seeded more harm than if they had worried less.

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One of the most common stress management techniques I see out there today is based on avoidance…stay away from people, situations or thoughts that stress you out.

Is that really the best approach?

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stop struggle lifeHave you ever thought of this question?

Why does life for some people seem like an endless battle…

  • a struggle for attention
  • a battle to stay positive
  • a miracle that anything gets done or accomplished

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We all suffer from stress to one degree or another, but for some their stress level is over the top…if you have lost control in the battle to manage stress, then let's put the control of your health and happiness back in your hands. 

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For years I thought – how do I know if meditation is working?   Do I need to learn how to meditate or have I got the proper techniques down?

In other words, what should meditation feel like? 

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It's funny, I have been struggling with some digestive problems lately – bloated, lower energy, indigestion at night that keeps me from getting a good night's sleep and all-in-all, just not feeling 100%

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I still remember the day nearly 18-years ago when I walked in to an alternative health provider who – within 10-minutes – listed the stress my body and mind was under explaining why I had been unable to fight the smallest cold, be consistently productive or even be nice to those around me.

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Having occasional stress in our lives is not a bad thing, the real challenge is in the face of chronic stress anxiety how we can manage stress so that it has less impact on our life?

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