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No matter how motivated, driven or aligned we are, everyone of us goes through a period in our life when we are stuck in a rut.

Here are some of the sure signs your life is stalled:

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people walk all over you

I was talking to a student who just finished up working through the 4-Step System To Getting Unstuck In Your Life last evening over Skype about being selfish versus selfless and where to draw the line when people are walking all over you.

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I've been a HUGE fan and have benefited greatly from the teachings of the inspirational Brian Tracy.

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One of the earliest identified human needs to be happy and fulfilled is to find our place or purpose in life.

Without a purpose driving us, we feel lost, unfulfilled, and find it very hard to get motivated.  Those feelings, of course, continue to spiral out of control until we find our daily habits have become focused on just trying to get through the day.

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One of my favorite TED talks of all time, Ken Robinson touches a nerve with this discussion of how the creativity, innovation and passion is sucked out of our kids in school.

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How you respond to setbacks, failures, disappointments, and adversity is key to both your ability to get the results you desire as well as your ability to enjoy the ride (attain satisfaction in life).

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refuse to quitHave you ever pushed yourself to stick with something, to try a little harder – even when every ounce of your brain was screaming "Enough Already!"

Every day we are faced with tough decisions, do we continue or do we give in and quit?

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As we kick off another year, we will continue to share tips, techniques and strategies to propel you towards the improving your emotional and personal state – but we want to also point out the importance of factoring in overall health, diet being a major factor.

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want in lifeHave you ever experienced a moment where you thought to yourself…"why did he or she achieve the things they have in their lives and you haven't been able to get what you want?"

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Get What You WantI was exchanging views with some "Law Of Attraction" advocates recently on a panel and an interesting question came up from a person in the audience…

Basically her situation was that she was currently unemployed and as part of her "get back on the horse" exercise she decided to take stock and re-examine her career path.

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