be more persistent in life
We've all been exposed to enough life experience, advice, media (inspirational movies) and teaching to know that persistence is critical to achieving anything in life.

We know what persistence is, it only takes looking back and learning to walk, talk, read, ride a bike or any other number of accomplishments that took a degree of persistence to master.

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It's as widespread as a chronic disease and leads to a darkness deeper than a starless night…

What I 'm talking about is not having anything in your life that gets your blood rushing…no passion for anything.

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Are you working at a job, career or business that you love?

Do you spend the majority of your free time doing things that excite, energize and empower you?

Do you even remember what makes you feel like you did when you were a kid and lived in the moment moving from fun thing to fun thing following your desire?

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One of the earliest identified human needs to be happy and fulfilled is to find our place or purpose in life.

Without a purpose driving us, we feel lost, unfulfilled, and find it very hard to get motivated.  Those feelings, of course, continue to spiral out of control until we find our daily habits have become focused on just trying to get through the day.

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Living life in tune with your passion is one of the most effective ways to ensure you are happy, motivated, productive, and get the most out of your life.

For those of us who are less practical (you know who you are…you tend to be called "dreamers" or "artistic" or even "unbalanced" or "crazy") identifying and following your passion is often much easier, the challenge becomes determining how to live your life of passion and pay the bills.

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purpose in lifeWhen you are a kid, you dream.

When you are a teen, everything seems possible (even likely!)

When you are in your 20's, you begin to make your way in the world, key decisions are made but often not from within but rather based on those around us, what we have been "taught" are the "right" things to do influenced heavily by others.  The challenge is that it's all new and exciting so temporarily, following others gives us satisfaction.

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You always hear people say that you have to "find your passion", and live your life "with passion".

But what does being "passionate" mean when it comes to improving your life and living each day?

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