get unstuck in life

No matter how motivated, driven or aligned we are, everyone of us goes through a period in our life when we are stuck in a rut.

Here are some of the sure signs your life is stalled:

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improve life

So many of us get wrapped up in improving our lives looking at where we are, what we have accomplished from the perspective of YOURSELF.

The challenge with that is we ignore so much around us that really motivates what we do everyday.

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self motivation

When you are at your most motivated you can accomplish amazing things – right?

We all have times in our life we can recall when we were at the top of our game, highly motivated and were able to achieve an incredible outcome.

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how to stay motivated

I was asked by one of my SNAP: Get Unstuck Course members how I stay motivated each day.

People who know me understand that I typically get up before 6AM, exercise daily, work somewhere between 12-16 hours a day and still find time to fit many other activities into my day.

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motivation inspirationI bet you have gone through days or longer periods of your life where nothing seems to interest or excite you?

Remember as kids how it seemed like so many things were exciting…you made up games, hanging out with friends, just heading outside usually meant you would find something to peak your interest.

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think positive Not a very positive title for a blog (and someone) who is generally a very positive and motivated person is it?

The fact is that masking underlying insecurities, fears, frustrations and sadness by "flicking a switch" or somehow fooling yourself into thinking positive is, at best, unsustainable and at worst, leads to a roller coaster ride of ups and downs that can do more harm than good in your life.

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We all suffer from stress to one degree or another, but for some their stress level is over the top…if you have lost control in the battle to manage stress, then let's put the control of your health and happiness back in your hands. 

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It's Saturday morning and you have 3 main things you want to accomplish today…you want to spend 30-minutes exercising, you have a 1-hour repair job to do on your plumbing and you need to spend 1-hour on a work or school assignment. 

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What happens when you are stuck in a rut and you can't seem to get the motivation to move forward in your life?

You could be…

  • Stuck in a pattern of day dreaming, unable to take action

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