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Many people assume that being extremely busy, over-worked, not having enough relaxation time lead to stress when the reality is actually true.

When I work with people to understand and manage the stress in their lives, the most common underlying reasons for negative stress are:

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success with meditation

Have you tried meditation but get frustrated because it seems the harder you try, the less effective it is for you?

Are you worried that meditation will result in you "losing your edge?"

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Mindfulness is an extremely powerful and necessary pillar to overall life success.  But what is mindfulness really, and how can you apply it to your life to improve your well being?

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In my experience, there are two camps when it comes to meditation…

1) Those who regularly practice and understand the value of meditation

2) Everyone else who either believes that meditation is some type of hocus-pocus, is for women only (yes men read this blog too…), or isn't for them because they are just too busy and have too cluttered a mind to stay calm for any length of time

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Chronic stress, worry and anxiety severely impact our ability to stay sharp, be creative and operate at maximum productivity – many in society have come to learn the value in meditation and it's ability to manage stress and worry by living in the moment.  Still, fast-paced, testosterone-laced Wall Street executives are not the crowd you would expect to be talking meditation…but they are:

How about you, are you considering meditation as a way to calm your mind and improve your level of functioning?

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As complicated as our human brains are, how we think is actually pretty black and white.  We are either thinking about life through the perspective of NOT losing or we are thinking about things in life in terms of WINNING.

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