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Many people assume that being extremely busy, over-worked, not having enough relaxation time lead to stress when the reality is actually true.

When I work with people to understand and manage the stress in their lives, the most common underlying reasons for negative stress are:

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success with meditation

Have you tried meditation but get frustrated because it seems the harder you try, the less effective it is for you?

Are you worried that meditation will result in you "losing your edge?"

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Quite common for overwhelm and anxiety to manifest itself in different ways – for some people it can mean withdrawing from those around us, others turn to drugs and alcohol, still others overeat — watch what happens to this anchorman who experiences an anxiety attack on air – and how he found meditation to be his saving grace…

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how to meditate

Something I learned very early on in my life made a very big impact…

While It's Not Intuitive, The More Self-Discipline We Have, The Freedom We Experience"

Think about it, who has more freedom, choice, influence and results in their life…

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Overall, I'm a very positive person paying particular attention to re-focus my thoughts when they do stray knowing the value that keeping positive thoughts plays on one's overall mental outlook, physical condition and outward ability to attract other like-minded, positive people.

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I've told the story to many people over the years, meditation did not come easily to me.

In fact, I spent the good part of 20-years in my early life trying, but never being able to really "GET" meditation, each time giving up and obviously not really experiencing the benefits.

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Worry, stress and anxiety are an epidemic in today's society.

Never have the levels of stress and worry been so high or wide ranging.

We have a chronically challenging economic situation, health crisis that are broadcast 24-hours a day 7-days a week, a rapidly changing job environment, more stress on our kids and teens, a global competitive situation that creates massive change, world politics and crisis at seemingly uncontrollable levels…just to name a few.

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In my experience, there are two camps when it comes to meditation…

1) Those who regularly practice and understand the value of meditation

2) Everyone else who either believes that meditation is some type of hocus-pocus, is for women only (yes men read this blog too…), or isn't for them because they are just too busy and have too cluttered a mind to stay calm for any length of time

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Are you someone who carries around baggage from past experiences with you each day you wake up?

Do you find yourself dwelling on actions or situations you blame yourself for messing up or obsessing over lost opportunities, ways that you have messed things up in your life and this keeps you from being happy in your life?

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When I see meditation being discussed in the mainstream with explanations that are less about "mysticism" and "spirituality" and more about the science of calming your mind, interrupting patterns of anxiety and fear and allowing us to manage life's distractions so we can live more in the "now" – I see the foundation for more widespread acceptance and practice of meditation.

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