That's right, you read it right…there are some powerful secret weapons that you – as an introvert – have over extroverts that tip the scales in your favour in your life and business.

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Do you ever have people tell you, "you're too quiet"?

Or maybe it's just you that notice everyone seems to be talking or involved in a conversation except you?

We all have situations where we feel out of place, like the entire room is looking at us saying…"look at that poor person over there, they have nobody to talk to!"

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Being lonely

Finding Your Place In Life

I hear from many so-called introverts who feel they are the only one's that feel like they had been placed on the wrong planet, that they just don't feel like they totally fit in and deperately want to find a way to be "normal" or "that person" they picture as the optimal character that does fit in with society. 

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