change your life today

One of the worst habits I see people get into is putting off what is most important to them today based on the assumption that things will be different in the future.

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live happy life

I have known many people in my life that went from being happy, busy and engaged to depressed, inactive and disengaged…and yes, very unhappy.

On the other hand, I have also worked with many people who had every right to be unhappy because of their life situation (treated unfairly, bad things happened, lost someone or something very special, started life in a very rough way) who climbed out of that unhappiness by being curious, focusing on learning and growing.

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how to be happy in life

I work with high-achieving entrepreneurs, I work with hard-working people that earn below-average incomes and I work with those less fortunate through charities and volunteer work…almost unanimously the same question comes up – how can I be truly happy?

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overcome stress in life

I Had an interesting conversation with a buddy of mine over a few drinks last night.

His frustration was that he was busier than ever…

Hitting it hard! 

Lots of to-do lists, getting up early, doing many of the "right" things…meditating, exercise, watching his diet, etc…

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It seems we all strive to be more happy and to have more happiness in our lives.

Yet, unlike training for our jobs or learning a new skill, we haven't learned how to change the amount of happiness we have in our lives?

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Not you?

Are you someone who has trouble getting excited and popping out of bed in the morning?

Do you find yourself going through the motions, I call it the "robot mentality"?

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If you are like me, you tend to get more done, feel happier and are a better friend or relationship partner when you are optimistic.

We all have days where we feel better naturally, but we also have many days where we may feel down, pessimistic, or downright depressed.

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Today's posting targets the huge GAP between being able to achieve goals versus your outside-focused daily activities.  This post will give you new insight empowering you to accomplish more and be happier doing it.

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life journey

Destination Thinking

Have you ever noticed that we spend the majority of life thinking about the destination we wish to reach and tactics around how we can reach that destination in the quickest, most painless way?

But what about thinking through the journey instead of just focusing  on reaching our destination the fastest or most painful way possible.

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Watch this awesome video from a 13-year old kid that will open your mind to putting happiness, relaxation, contribution first in your life



While Logan LaPlante is mainly focused on introducing new priorities and improving the education system into something he calls – Hackschooling…but if you listen close, you will notice that what he really is talking about is setting up your entire life around 8 life principles on a path to putting HAPPINESS as the #1 objective in life:

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