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How often do you carry through on an idea, thought or intention when it is backed by one of these?

  • Someday I'll do it
  • Maybe
  • I'm going to…
  • My intention is to do it

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set-life-goalsOne of the great side-effects of publishing on this blog regularly is that I receive direct contact from some of you and get to hear how the advice, content and stories hit home with some of you and where there are still questions and gaps that you want me to touch on.

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We all have times in our lives when we accomplish something we are proud of.

It may be getting a good set of marks in a school subject, raising money for a charity, getting our first real job or meeting a person we are proud to be friends or in an intimate relationship with.

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Are you stuck in life?  Feeling smothered, like you are pinned into your job, emotional state, relationship or level of health and can't seem to find the time, method or technique to help you break through and become unstuck in life?

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So many people we work with tell me they have "tried" goal setting, but it just hasn't worked for them.

Another group will tell us that they would really like to start setting goals in their life, but they just aren't sure how to do it effectively…so they actually see results from the committment they enter into.

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Great question isn't it?  The first thing people wonder after they sit down and set out meaningful goals for themselves over the medium to long-term is how the heck am I going to actually make this happen?

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We all have dreams and wishes linked closely with achieving desired pleasures or overcoming current/perceived pain,  some choose to no longer acknolwedge those dreams,  while others get completely lost in these dreams.

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Consistency Leads To Excellence

Have you struggled to realize your goals?  More familiar with the term procrastination than achievement?  Can't seem to stick with something long enough to get results?

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The first of the month is a great time to set your goals for the month, have you set your goals?

Where should these goals come from?

First, as is outlined in Attracting Greatness – it starts with an overriding core of purpose principles…such as:

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